Retirement planning raises a lot of questions for most folks, and here at Big Money Retirement, we do our best to answer those questions. We don’t just build a financial plan for you and send you on your way—we can help you implement that plan and put it into action. With our unique software implementations, we use real-time data to project your earnings, calculate taxes, and overall help you plan for a better future.

Check out our most commonly asked questions, and if you still have questions, we welcome you to call us!

We focus on retiree’s and pre-retiree’s. 90% of our customers are between the ages of 55 and 75. If you are someone who likes to be prepared we will cover every base and give you a written plan so you know how to approach retirement.

We typically do 2-3 meetings based upon the complexity of your situation. The first meeting is approximately 45 minutes so we can get to know each other and go through your retirement goals and concerns. The second meeting is an hour long (we call it the hire/fire meeting); we show you how we can improve your situation and we also go over what it will cost to work with us. Meeting one and two are free.

We love working with people who already have an advisor! It means that you generally have better planning than someone who has never met with an advisor and we will give you a second opinion. We also let you know what you are paying your existing advisor (even the hidden costs!) and show you what you would save by switching over. 

Yes, all of our clients get notified when they have hit their anniversary with us and we have a team member call to set up a meeting with us to review the performance of your accounts and make any adjustments to your goals.

Yes! We have been able to help a ton of people who thought there would be financial consequences to change their existing planning to a better plan. There have been times where we haven’t been able to help folks who wanted to move funds over to us but we will let you know as soon as we take a look at the accounts.

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