Investing 101: Compound Interest

Compound interest might sound complex, but it’s actually based on a very simple principle: earning interest on your interest. Here’s a clear and simplified way of understanding this important concept. Imagine you save some money, let’s say $100, which grows at 10% annually. At the end of the first year, you earn 10% interest on […]

Why Your College Student May Need a Healthcare Proxy

When it’s time to send our children to college, there’s a lot to think about—securing financial aid, moving their stuff, finding them a place to live. It’s easy to see how you might overlook their health. Once your child turns 18, they have the right to medical privacy. That means if they’re incapacitated and hospitalized, […]

Why Financial Teams?

When it comes to financial advice, the benefits of working with a team rather than an individual advisor become increasingly clear as your financial needs grow more complex. A team can offer a range of insights and perspectives, bringing a more comprehensive approach to managing your finances. There are a wide variety of teams out […]

How Your Financial Professional Can Help You Save for Your Children’s Education

When clients consult a financial professional, one of their most common goals is to put their children through college. They have questions on everything from how they should save to when they should start saving. By tailoring your savings strategy to your specific situation—income, number of children, timeframe of their education, and risk tolerance—you can […]

Keep Politics Out of Your Portfolio

In our current environment, where political news comes from every direction, it’s important to remember the importance of impartiality in your portfolio. There is a certain allure of aligning your portfolio with your political beliefs, but the lessons of history underscore the significance of maintaining a clear boundary between the two. Here are a few […]

What to Do Before the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Provisions Sunset

As the 2024 election approaches, the question on everyone’s mind is who will ultimately control the White House and Congress. These are important questions, but the reality is that regardless of the election outcome, one thing is certain: tax policy will inevitably change when the Trump-era Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 expires […]

Are You Prepared for a 30 Year Retirement?

The good news? Retirees are living longer. The bad news? Many aren’t planning for it financially. Life expectancy is a key piece of retirement planning. After all, you’ll need to estimate your lifespan to determine how much money you’ll need to retire comfortably. Many pre-retirees speculate on this figure or overlook it entirely. So, how […]

How a Financial Advisor Can Help Lower Your Tax Bill

Tax planning is a vital part of any wealth management strategy, but reducing your tax burden isn’t always a straightforward process, especially for individuals with more complicated returns. Careful planning can help minimize your tax liability leaving you with more money to further your financial goals. Tax planning isn’t just something you think about when […]

How Small Businesses Can Leverage AI Today

One of the most significant developments in recent technology is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). When you ask ChatGPT (a leading AI program) what that means, it says “these computer systems are designed to mimic human intelligence, including learning, problem-solving, and decision-making.” For small business owners, this can be immensely valuable. Whether it’s creating […]

5 Easy Ways to Protect Seniors from Financial Abuse

Technology has helped to streamline the way we manage our money, allowing us to perform transactions and monitor our accounts online, instead of needing to do everything in-person. These tools are simple to use, getting better every year, and don’t cost any more than the traditional methods. But there are risks involved, especially for our […]



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